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Discover local experiences, flavours, and cultures like never before. One platform for you and all your travel desires, without endlessly searching for your perfect match.

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Meet eddie, our traveling friend

We wanted to bring our dinner conversations about traveling to the masses and give travellers the same personal guidance and feeling of ease that you get, when you talk to a friend. A friend knows what you like, what you love, and what you want to see. A friend hooks you up with like-minded individuals. We would love for you and eddie to be friends!

How it works

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we ask you a couple quick questions to get to know what you like, love, and want to see.

Like, dislike and save

we tailor our like-minded algorithm for you, the more you like, dislike and save, the better the recommendations you get.

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we unfold the information into a more manageable itinerary. You just pick from the personalized list to finish your journey.

or... just easily browse tailormade inspiration.

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Made for locals, by locals

eddie was born in Copenhagen, Denmark from an innate impatience with travel planning. Endless hours of browsing and cumbersome choices, with no real feeling of ease that we chose the right thing for us. We wanted there to be a much better way that helped every party involved. Not only does eddie help the individual user, eddie also helps the local businesses. Guests should get the best value when planning. We do not believe in taking a cut from hotels, restaurants, or other venues, if the value could have been used to create a better experience for your guests.